The preparations of the wedding

The preparations of the wedding

You kneel, open the box and say the magic phrase: “Do you want to marry me?” Be careful if they say yes, because it starts a process for which you are not ready anyway. And I do not mean marriage, no; I mean the preparations for the wedding, a barrage of appointments, meetings, elections and spending that will almost make you forget you’re getting married …

Many think that preparing the wedding consists of going to try the menu to the restaurant and choose the place where you are going to go for a honeymoon. No, my friend, you will have to make much more important choices: the color of the personalized ribbons, the skin tone of the gift bag for men, the music that will sound during the ceremony, if the candy corner is going to have sweets for coeliacs or not, if the tie matches the tablecloth …

You can always consider hiring a wedding planner (or two). Recently I read in a magazine of the heart that the new bride and future wife of Risto Mejide, who is ‘touring’ through all the media in the country taking advantage of the pull of their wedding, has two wedinng planner for the organization of your event. Not one, not three: two.

What Risto does not know is that having a wedding planner does not make things easier for you, but opens up another flood of meetings and elections. And is that for the wedding planner is essential what you probably did not know or that exists. Then one day you are surprised after having visited three florists in search of I do not know what kind of flower that sticks with the color of the walls of the hotel where the banquet is going to be held.

As the day approaches, the emails crowd in the inbox. One of them is a reminder with many exclamations that tells us that we have not yet decided the material or the color of the personalized ribbons of the gifts of the guests. And a scream will be heard throughout the house: how is it possible that I have forgotten the tapes ???

And when the key moment finally arrives, the priest asks you if you accept Fulanita as a wife and you respond: “I want them gray-brown color that matches my mother-in-law’s hair tone”.

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